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Path of exile worth it?

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Does path of exile worth it? this is a common question made by players when they want to play a new videogame or an old mmorpg, path of exile is an action mmorpg with an isometric view, very similar to Diabo, but with some great differences, maybe today is the best day to start playing and here i will explain why, so, keep reading!

Path of Exile is a game that is well worth playing today, first, because it’s free, and it’s a great online action rpg with tons of content, its excellent rewards for completing the league challenges are amazing and always great to complete, this is why this game has more than 150,000 players online, and the player’s community is always willing to help beginners.

Currently, the new league Crucible like each of the previous leagues, adds new and very interesting content to play and start a build that fits your needs, with one or two nerfs to some builds as it normally happens, however, since this game has walked a long path, some nerfs are added to builds, weapons or armors, try to keep some game mechanics fresh.

You don’t need a guide to start

The passive skill tree may seem too big and it may give you the impression that you are going to screw it and create a bad build, and probably if you start without knowing anything about the game that will probably happen, but don’t worry, Fortunately there are items that help you remove the points you already have assigned, these items can be obtained from enemies or bought, so you can modify your entire build if you have enough of these items that are part of the game currency.

El arbol de habilidades del juego es enorme, con suficientes opciones para generar infinidad de builds.
The skill tree may seem intimidating, but it is very easy to learn.

Start in the current league.

In path of exile you have the option to start a standard game or play a league, starting on a new league means you will start as a new character in a brand new world, every player has to start from scratch, and level up by defeating enemies, completing the campaign acts and quests as fast as they can to try to earn the rewards of the league, my advice is to start a league even if it’s already started, have fun and level up your character, enjoy the story, you probably won’t achieve all the objectives, but you will get familiar with the league objectives, and once it’s over your character can continue in the standard game.

The great build variety makes this game one of the best to play in 2022.

Las clases y ascendencias logran hacernos pensar que vale la pena path of exile actualmente.
Choose any class, play without guides, enjoy the game and have fun with your own build made to your liking, then go read some guides.

The classes start in a specific location of the skill tree, however, you can choose the path you want to reach a place in the skill tree that is of your preference to make any type of build, choose the spells or melee skills you like and allocate the skill gems on the armor and adjust your passives accordingly, use a bow or cast curses while your minions fight for you, use any of the classes to make your own build and make it work with the necessary equipment.

A healthy market with several types of currency

In the game there is not a coin or money system used to make transactions, but we are going to use different types of items as currency to exchange with npc or players, with players we will often use chaos, exalted or divine orbs to trade for equipment or other goods, however, all these currency items have actually a known function, mainly used in the crafting system.

Although the most used currency has always been the exalted orb and chaos orb, since the lake of kalandra league the standard currency to trade is the divine orb, a very rare drop even for high-level characters, don´t worry, you can still find many goods in the market trading for the most common currency items.

La economia se resetea cada liga, es importante comenzar una liga por esto, para conseguir buenos items a buen precio antes de ir a la liga standard.
The market is a place to enter if you want to buy equipment for your character with the right currency.

The market is a place where you can find very good items at affordable prices, especially in the leagues, item price is not too expensive since the economy is fresh, and you can buy items for a great and cheap price. That’s why path of exile is still a great game to play for beginners compared to many mmorpgs that have even lost a good percentage of their user base due to a bad economy that leads to a great increase item prices on the market.

Is path of exile pay to win game?

A pesar de sus microtransacciones, vale la pena jugar path of exile por que no es pay to win
Microtransactions in path of exile are mostly functional and cosmetic items, so there’s not a pay-to-win system.

The game has microtransactions, which is quite acceptable as the game offers an enormous amount of content for free, however, it is totally far from being a pay to win, despite being a game with microtransactions, these are based on cosmetic items, you can buy weapon or armor effects, cosmetic armor and weapons that are really good looking

Some items are functional like the stash tabs, which you will want to buy once you get to the later levels as they will give you more inventory space and make your life easier, one of the best tabs, is the currency tab, it will keep all your currencies stored and organized without having to use up more and more space on your regular stash, that’s why path of exile is worth playing, these microtransactions do not give any advantage to the player who invests money other than the quality of life and cool looking cosmetics.

Difference between downloading steam version or official website?

The difference is that with steam you can track your game hours from the beginning, and you have unlockable achievements from the application and the steam community, however, for some users it can be a pain having to start steam to play, so they prefer to download path of exile from its official website

So if you want to download path of exile from the official website, what are you waiting for? Click here.

Console vs pc differences

Yes, there is a huge difference, first, currently path of exile does not have crossplay, so the community in PC and console is different, towns are crowded with people in the pc versions, but almost empty in the console version, so of course it is very different, on console the economy both in standard and in the leagues is a little tougher since there are fewer players, items get more expensive in console although most currencies are accepted to trade, and are better valued as there are less people farming for items.

El juego no tiene crossplay, pero aun asi te recomiendo jugarlo en donde estes mas comodo

At the moment the guys behind the development of path of exile have no plans on crossplay for the game, neither in path of exile 1 or 2, so let’s hope that fate brings some good news for good on this game.


If you really like action rpgs, games with great gameplay that let you fully develop your character, a game with a good story and lore, you will learn that path of exile really worth it, starting today in the new league is a very good idea because grinding is enforced, much more than in other leagues, but if you prefer, you can play in standard to play through the acts, it is a game with a large amount of content that will keep you hooked for hours, and you don’t need to pay a dime to have a well-optimized build for endgame content.

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