Path of exile trials of ascendancy: location and requirements

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Welcome to this path of exile trials of ascendancy guide, If you are here, is because you think you are the best, you think you can overcome any obstacle and survive the eternal labyrinth, even if it costs your mental health and maybe one of your limbs or another important part of your body, if so, keep reading this post dedicated to the update of path of exile ascendancy, and learn how to aspire to the ascendancy of your class and fight with all your strength to get out alive and earn your place among the other ascendants.

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Choose your ascendancy and enter the labyrinth starting at level 33, with the exception of the scion which only has one ascendancy, you can choose one out of three, and for this, you have to complete the first 6 trials of ascendancy found in the first three acts of the game. With this you can enter the aspirant’s plaza through the statue of the goddess found in the Sarn encampment, with this we will obtain access to the labyrinth, a level 33 place that upon completion will give us access to our ascendancy, 2 ascendancy points and implicit mods for a pair of gloves, the most recommended is to go to level 38 – 40.

If you are interested in knowing more about the classes and ascendancies, click here.

Location of the first six trials of ascendancy in path of exile

Como conseguir la ascendencia, ascendencias, clases, builds
You will find the first six trials of ascendancy in the first three acts of the game campaign.

To aspire to our ascendancy and gain access to the labyrinth we have to do the first six trials of ascendancy that we will find in the following dungeons:

  • The lower prison (Act I)
  • The Crypt (first floor, in Act II)
  • The Chamber of Sins (second floor, in Act II)
  • The Crematorium (Act III)
  • The Catacombs (Act III)
  • The Imperial Gardens (Act III)

It is important to know that it is necessary to complete the labyrinth without dying to obtain your ascendancy, if you disconnect or turn off your wifi, exit the game or close it, when you re-enter you will start in the town where you stayed and you will have to start the labyrinth again, if you use a portal scroll, you will be asked if you want to leave the labyrinth, accepting to exit from a portal scroll will result in you having to start over again, you can access your stash before the battle against Izaro to save items you have won, however, you cannot store the quest items from the labyrinth.

Upon completing the maze we will obtain our ancestry, two ancestry points, and implicit modifiers for gloves, so, plan carefully which pair of gloves you want to have a good implicit mod on.

More difficult versions of the labyrinth.

el laberinto del señor, lords labyrinth, conseguir ascendencia
The first labyrinth unlocks ascendancy and 2 ascendancy points, the next harder versions will give us more points upon completion.

Cruel labyrinth

We can unlock the cruel labyrinth by completing the 3 trials of ascendancy located in:

  • The prison (act VI)
  • The Crypt (Act VII)
  • The Chamber of Sins floor 2 (act VII)

To enter we will have to finish the first labyrinth, this is a slightly more difficult version, and with a minimum level of 40, by completing the cruel labyrinth we will obtain two ascendancy points and implicit modifiers for gloves or boots.

The Merciless Labyrinth.

We are going to unlock this more difficult version of the labyrinth by completing 3 trials of ascendancy located in:

  • The Bath House (Act VIII)
  • The tunnel (act IX)
  • The ossuary (act X)

We will have to complete the previous levels of the labyrinth to enter the ruthless labyrinth, as well as having a minimum of level 50, each fight with Izaro has similar mechanics to the previous one with stronger buffs effects and requires us to go through two areas with a lot of traps when completing the merciless labyrinth we will get 2 ascendancy points and implicit modifiers for boots, helmet, and gloves.

The Eternal Labyrinth.

path of exile ascendencias, clases, builds, laberinto del señor, lords labyrinth
El laberinto eterno es el ultimo que nos dará puntos de ascendencia, después solo entraremos como método de crafting.

The final labyrinth requires 6 trials of ascendancy that we can find on the atlas map device, you need to have a minimum level of 60, and the item offering to the goddess is required every time we access it, the fights with Izaro are way harder this time and the chambers have more difficult traps, so be careful, at the end we will get 2 ascendancy points as well as implicit attributes for gloves, helmet, boots and one of three options for a helmet.

At this point, we will generally already be in the end game, so I recommend you start doing the atlas missions to raise Tiers and earn better items, if you want to know more about the atlas click here.

Enriched Labyrinths

We can continue entering the eternal labyrinth even though we have already finished it, with the objective of getting some implicit mods for our equipment, we can do this by obtaining enriched versions of the offering to the goddess, with an item called Vivid Abberarach Bulb, a Harvest craft, from this we will obtain three variants of the offering to the goddess that we will spend to enter the eternal labyrinth, with which we can obtain the following:

  • Dedication of the Goddess x1 (Eternal Labyrinth of Potential): Let you enter the enriched labyrinth in order to add an enchantment to a belt.
  • Goddess Tribute x1(Eternal Labyrinth of Fortune): You will get better rewards from chests by beating Izaro
  • Gift of the Goddess x1 (Eternal Labyrinth of Chance): Gives you a chance to use the Divine Source, which is a gadget found in the Labyrinth to give implicit mods to your team.
path of exile ascendencia, laberinto del señor, como conseguir ascendencia, divine font, lords labyrinth
We can use this device up to 6 times to get implicit mods in the enriched labyrinths.

You can re-enter the eternal labyrinth, the monsters will be level 83 so I recommend you do not go below level 80 and prepare yourself as Izaro returns with stronger buffs and hitting like a train, it will be harder than the eternal labyrinth version.


Getting an ascendancy in path of exile is not mandatory, but it does if you are following a build guide, also doing the labyrinths at their strongest levels can help you to improve your equipment by adding those implicit mods, so I recommend you to get that ascendancy soon, and unlock at least the first three labyrinths to get the ascendancy points, I hope this article has been useful to you, see you in path of exile.

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