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Path of exile file size and bug fixes

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Path of exile is one of the most popular action rpg available nowadays, it is a game that was released more than 7 years ago, and its constantly launching new updates and leagues every 3 – 4 months, the file size of the game which is around 40 Gb it’s really a low size compared to the tons of content you will find on this game, this brief guide will help you solve your doubts about whether you meet the requirements to run path of exile on your pc and frequent bug fixes and troubleshooting.

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Path of exile file size

With the last updates in this last league, the path of exile file size is 40 Gb, with a 100 mb conection speed you will be able to download it in one hour, although the required disk space is 40 gb, despite the requirements From path of exile, the installation folder can size may be bigger, currently you can play the game on a mid-range or low-end computer if you set the video options correctly, although it may not work very well on your low-end pc.

Path of exile puede ser un juego muy pesado, pero se pueden hacer ajustes para poder correrlo en una pc de gama baja.
Path fo exile has minimum requirements that almost everyone can meet.

What are the minimum requirements for path of exile?

ProcesadorQuad core, 2.5 GHzIntel core i3 3.6 GHz
Ram8 Gb16 Gb
Graphic cardNvidia GeForce GTX 650 Ti (1 Gb)Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti (4 Gb)
HDD40 Gb40 Gb
Operative systemWindows 7Windows 10

As you can see, the minimum requirements are not too high, keep in mind that today’s mid-range PCs can even exceed the recommended requirements here, but if you still think that your pc will not be able to run the game, then keep reading and I will give you some tips related to the path of exile video configuration and performance options, which will help you run the game smoothly.

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Path of exile low to mid pc video settings

When it comes to optimizing PC games, we can use many tools to reduce the memory usage required by the game in order to have a stable framerate to play much better, especially we will manipulate the video settings, if we do not fully meet the minimum requirements of path of exile this will help us, reducing the graphic quality, the shadows, and the post-processing we will save a lot of memory that will have a positive effect on the stability of the frames.

Graphic video settings for medium-low specs PC

Las configuraciones de video nos ayudan a establecer medidas para disminuir los recursos utilizados por un juego, hay que saber usarlos.
The video configuration is very important if your PC is of lower mid-range.

Most low to mid spec computers will be able to run path of exile without problems, but if you notice framerate drops, try these video settings:

  • Antialiasing Quality: off
  • Lightning: Shadows(default)
  • Shadow quality: low
  • Sun shadow quality: low
  • Number of lights: low
  • Post processing: disabled
  • Water detail level: low
  • Texture quality: Medium
  • Texture filtering: Trilinear filtering
  • Dynamic Resolution: Enabled
  • Target frame: 60
  • Engine Multithreading: Disabled

Path of exile graphic video settings for low-end pc

Of course you can play even if your low spec computer does not meet the recommended requirements for path of exile, however, it’s not recommended as graphics will look horrible, you will still get dropped framerate, either way, try this setup and see for yourself.

  • Antialiasing Quality: off
  • Lightning: Shadows(default)
  • Shadow quality: low
  • Sun shadow quality: low
  • Number of lights: low
  • Post processing: Disabled
  • Water detail level: low
  • Texture quality: low
  • Texture filtering: Trilinear filtering
  • Dynamic Resolution: Disabled
  • Target frame: 60
  • Engine Multithreading: Disabled

Most common path of exile errors with windows 10

Some windows 10 users have been having problems when trying to play path of exile, for many the game just doesn’t start, or sometimes the game starts but crashes on load screen if you have these problems with the game here’s the most popular solutions.

path of exile descargar, path of exile cuanto pesa, errores windows 10
Some users may experience errors even with a high-end pc running windows 10

Turn off your processor overclock option

Many processors have an overclocking option in the pc Bios, this is to improve the speed, this can be very powerful, however it results in a known error for some processes of the game, if path of exile crashes or closes before starting a session, disable this overclock option in your pc, to do this, restart your pc, at the very first screen press the key that takes you to the BIOS for some it is F10 or F12, there adjust the overclock so that it remains off, or in the standard parameters.

Restore the path of exile files from your steam folder

If for some reason you changed or modified game files, or you think you may have malware causing problems and you have the steam version of the game there is an option for you to restore the damaged game files in your game folder, open steam, locate and clikck on the game library, locate path of exile in your library and left click, in the properties we are going to click on where it says local files, and then on «verify integrity of local files», when doing this steam It will verify the files and repair them, hopefully this will solve your problem.

Close unnecessary applications on your PC

When you start playing, make sure that you don’t have any application that could interfere with the proper functioning of the game, for this, open the task manager, check the processes running on your system and close those that are not necessary, it may seems easy, but some

Run path of exile in administrator mode

This is something that will solve up to| 50% of the problems, when we have more than one profile on our PC we usually have to grant the privilege of running as administrator to the application to make changes to the system, so go to the path of exile root folder and locate the executable file, it should be something like «pathofexile.exe», right click on it and go to properties, there in the compatibility section check the box to run this program as administrator, apply the changes and accept.

Update your video card drivers

This is very important, if you have a low-mid-range video card, like the GTX 650, you probably have to update your drivers, to do this correctly, go to the Nvidia application, where it will normally update automatically, if you have another card that It doesn’t have an application, you probably have to download the driver from the internet, don’t worry, it’s not that difficult.


Path of exile is a game that can be played even on low spec computers, the video settings usually help a lot to reduce frame drops and optimize game performance, however, I recommend you upgrade your equipment when you can to meet the recommended requirements of path of exile and you can play without any problem, but, if you still have a lot of problems running it, try to do some of the options above, sometimes this problems are caused by the internal components, this is a uncommon problem, but one with few solution options, so It is always important to do a good scan of your equipment.

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