Path of exile english guides.

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Best marauder builds in path of exile 2023: These marauder builds are both brutal and great to start on every league, start now with

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Best ranger builds in path of exile for every league: Destroy the enemy horders with these ranger builds you can use on almost every league.

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The witch: best builds in path of exile: One of the best and more interesting class of the game, look at these incredible witch builds you can use now to get those million dps.

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Path of exile currency values 2023: Learn about the item currency you will use on your journey, avoid wasting or selling precious items.

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Crafting guide for path of exile for beginners: Check this short guide on the crafting basics, learn how to craft today to optimize for the endgame tomorrow!


Path of exile trials of ascendancy: location and requirements. this are the trials of ascendancy you will need to achieve in order to get your ascendancy tree and start optimizing your build.

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Best class and ascendancy in path of exile: not every build is meant to be effective in every league, but of course, there are a few of them that are always performing great, check this out and learn more about these builds.

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Path of exile worth it?: this game has great features and every 3 months devs make some changes, but, does it worth to play it nowadays, check this post and see for yourself.

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Path of exile file size and bug fixes: a short guide for you to learn how much is the game’s file size and the most commmon windows bugs and how to fix them.