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Path of exile currency values 2023

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It is not easy to start a new game with as much depth and complexity as path of exile, but I assure you that it is a very exciting and adventurous path, this is one of the mmo action rpg with more content you will find out there, in most of the online games there is a money system as gold, credits or coins, in path of exile we will find items we will use as currency, we will find these items as we defeat enemies in the game.

If you still don’t have path of exile, download it from its official site by clicking here

What is the currency in path of exile?

Currency in path of exile are those items we find as we defeat enemies, these items are mainly used for crafting, each league starts and community assign a value, according to its function in the game, and availability. We can exchange items with other players, because in path of exile there are no gold coins or any value, so these items that we are going to find throughout our journey will be our coins to exchange for other goods.

Within the game we can exchange a certain number of items with the npc for currency, sometimes a certain number of items will be traded for a specific currency item, this transaction are called vendor recipes and the currency obtained depends on the level of items you traded, many players start generating small fortunes to get their equipment, if you want to know more about these vendor recipes, click here.

Portal scroll

The portal scroll is a very useful item in the game, this will be your first currency item, and you need at least one in your inventory, in addition to being able to use these scrolls as currency, they will help you go to the nearest town from where you are, leaving the portal open for you to return to the map where you used the portal, so it’s a pretty useful item ( portals will close after 8 minutes), currently 130 portal scrolls = 1 chaos orb.

Scroll of wisdom

It is one of the most used items since with it we will identify the items that we obtain from the enemies, it is very necessary at the beginning when we are looking for good equipment to optimize our character as much as possible like the portals scroll 130 scroll of wisdom = 1 chaos orb.

Blacksmith’s whetstone

This item is used to raise the quality of your weapons, it is an item that you commonly find killing enemies, there are some chests called strongbox that when opened will cause several enemies to spawn around you, and once you defeat them you will be able to obtain their rewards, these rewards are normally whetstones, scraps and more, you can use this item to increase the damage of your weapons a bit at first, but preferably save them for trade or to spend in high level items, it is a bit difficult currently to trade this item with other players but sometimes 90 Blacksmith’s whetstone = 1 chaos orb .

Armorer’s scraps

As a Blacksmith’s Whetstone, this item will help you to raise the quality of your armor, increasing its defense a little, it is also an item commonly obtained from monsters and you can find it in strongboxes, and just like the blacksmith stones approximately 90 Armorer’s scraps = 1 chaos orb.

Glassblower’s Bauble

This item raises our life and energy flasks quality, and with this, we increase their regeneration capacity, it is a slightly rarer item to find, especially in the first levels, however, after it becomes very common, you also get them by selling 8 blacksmith’s whetstones at merchants and selling different rarity flasks with vendors, 75 Glassblower’s Bauble = 1 chaos orb.

Orb of transmutation

This is a pretty good item since it will help us to convert a normal item into a magical one with 2 modifications (mods) which, added to the fact that you use it on a high-quality weapon or armor, rare mods have a chance to appear and you can use this item for you or sell for some goods, this is the way you have to start earning the highest rank currency items you need for your endgame gear, currently 45 orb of transmutation = 1 chaos orb.

Orb of augmentation

These items will help you add a mod to magic items with a single mod, useful for those good items that could be a bit better with a good mod before you drop it to merchants, it may not be perfect but it is already better than nothing, currently 50 orb of augmentation = 1 chaos orb.

Ritual vessel

This item is used for the end game, enemies will drop this currency at higher levels, as we defeat enemies within a ritual, we will fill te vessels with the blood, and with this we will obtain blood filled vessels, we can use four of these last items in the map artifact to add difficulty to our maps and thus increase the number of items we can find, great for currency farming builds 35 Ritual vessels = 1 chaos orb.

Engineer’s orb

You are going to use this item to increase the quality of the strongboxes, using this will increase the level of the enemies, so you have to be careful, but also the quality of the items will be higher, and we will obtain once we dispatch the enemies that leave the strongbox, currently 14 Engineer’s orbs = 1 chaos orb.

Orb of alteration

This item is going to help you a lot since when using an orb of transmutation you acquire a magic item from a normal one, but you can’t use it again in a magic item, so this item is to change the mods of that item (reroll), as an example if you get a sword with +1 Intelligence + 1 Strength mods dropped, you can use an Orb of alteration to change the mods so you can get something better, let’s say, +5 Strength + 2% Critical, of course, reroll is random and you have a chance to get bad mods instead, currently  20 orbs of alteration = 1 chaos orb.

Chromatic orbs.

You are going to use these orbs to change the color of the sockets of your equipment, it is very common that we find a great item, but the colors of the sockets do not go with our configuration, because these orbs can be used to change the colors, you can get them from enemies and sometimes by selling items that have 3 sockets of different colors to vendors, they are expensive items when you want to buy them in npc shops, so 15 Chromatic orbs = 1 chaos orb.

Silver coin

We can obtain the silver coins by killing monsters, we can exchange this item with Navali (an NPC) to obtain prophecies, with which we will have special enemies within some of the following maps in which we are, currently 12 Silver coins = 1 chaos orb. Note: This feature was removed from the game in update 3.17.0, so silver coins are not obtainable.

Orb of binding

This is a pretty good item that you can use to transform a normal item into a rare one with up to 4 linked sockets, try to spend these wisely as you may use them to craft endgame gear, currently 10 Orbs of binding = 1 chaos orb.

Jeweler´s orb.

This item will be very useful in the endgame, since with it we can change the number of sockets that an item has, of course, it is a bit difficult to get six, but for that reason, I recommend that you hoard them in the first levels since they are a little more difficult to obtain at the beginning and believe me you will spend a lot trying to obtain the desired number of sockets and the items you want for this part of the game, currently 9 jeweler’s orb = 1 chaos orb .

Orb of chance

This item is valuable and has a lower percentage of appearing when we annihilate enemies, so I recommend that you use it wisely, with it we can change a normal item to magic, rare and even unique item, I recommend that depending on your build you try to use it on a white superior item that currently costs you a lot to get as a unique for you or on items that are normally more expensive like quivers or some armor, currently 7 orb of chance = 1 chaos orb.

Cartographer’s chisel

Within the game, you will find maps to use on the atlas, on these maps you can add mods to obtain rewards while raising level of difficulty and adding restrictions for the player, this item will help us to increase the quality of the map, which is more recommended to do with normal maps while using the item on a normal map increases the number of items dropped by enemies on that map, currently 5 Cartographer’s chisels = 1 chaos orb.

Orb of scouring

These orbs are used to remove the mods on rare or magical items without losing their number of sockets or the distribution of their colors and to reroll the normal item, increase the quality, and so on, this item is used to craft perfect items for endgame, you can get this orb by killing high level enemies, currently 2 Orb oscouring = 1 chaos orb.

Orbs of alchemy

We are going to use these orbs to turn our normal items into rare items, with 3 to 6 mods, it is a fairly used item, especially in jewelry, but also in some other equipment, enemies drop this item from level 2 with a 3% chance, but also when selling some items to vendors. The npc could give you alchemy shards, which when you put 20 together will produce one orb of alchemy, currently 2 orbs of alchemy = 1 chaos rob.

Blessed orbs

These items are a bit tricky, some items have implicit mods that are in brackets, such as increasing the amount of life in the coral ring, taking this example into account if a coral ring has an implicit mod of (+5 maximum life) when using a blessed orb we can change this value to try to increase it, of course, you can get bad rerolls instead, it is not a common item, it is not recommended to use it in low level equipment and currently, you can get 2 to 3 chaos orbs for 1 blessed orb.

Orb of fusing

These items are also very useful, they are very rare, with them you will be able to link your gear sockets, since it is common that some sockets do not come linked and therefore the support abilities will not be of help, it is recommended to use them in the middle of the game or even in the end game, currently 2 orb of fusing = 1 chaos orb.

Orb of regret

If you are a beginner and you don’t know much about the game, but you don’t use any guide then you are probably using this item a lot, with it you will have respect points in your passive skill tree, so if you made a mistake and put a point where you should not, these items will help you go back one point per orb on your passive skill tree, usually 1 orb of regret = 1 chaos orb.

Chaos orb

This was one of the primary currency items some updates ago, of course, you can still use them nowadays, but exhalted and divine orbs are the new standard, we can use these orbs to change the mods on rare items, and sometimes you can get chaos orbs by selling a full level 60 set (helmet, armor, gauntlets, boots and belt) to vendors, sometimes you can even get two from vendors.

Vaal orbs

These orbs are used to corrupt items, when doing this different things can happen to our items, sometimes for the worse, so I recommend you use them wisely, they can change to have full linked sockets, usually, the corrupted version of an item can be better, but sometimes it won’t, and once corrupted you can’t reroll an item, normally 1 vaal orb = 2 chaos orb.

Regal orb

These items are used to change a magical item to a rare one, with which we will add an extra mod, I only recommend you use them in the endgame to get good mods, save everyone you find, they have a .2% drop chance starting on character level 12, you can also change them for chaos orbs since 1 regal rob = 4 chaos orbs.

Gemscutter’s prism

This item is used to improve uncorrupted gems, when using one we will increase the quality of our gem by 1%, which we can do up to 20 times, although it is not recommended to do so since it is better to buy gems 10 or 15% quality to avoid having to spend 20 or more GCPs, you can get them from enemies at character level 12, with a .2% drop chance, but also by selling gems with quality of 15% and up to vendors, currently 1 Gemscutter’s prism = 3 chaos orbs .

Exalted orb

This orb is the most used path of exile currency in the game to buy very valuable items, it is very rare that enemies give you one of these but you can get it by running on high level maps, it is used to add a mod to a rare item, however, I do not recommend using it for this purpose since it is very valuable and you can use it to get end game gear to optimize your character, approximately 1 exalted orb = 65 chaos orbs.

Divine orb.

They are used to change (reroll) the mods of an item and it’s the standard currency to buy end-game gear nowadays, whether magical, rare, or unique items, mods can be changed, but they are generally used more to be exchanged than for their original use since they have a high price, however, they can be used on high-level items. For better mods, currently 1 divine orb = 15 chaos orbs.

Crusader’s exalted orb

Path of exile has a wide variety of currency, this particular item is part of an update to enhance items further, as you will get exclusive mods depending on the orb used, this orb is going to add an influenced mod from the crusader mod list, we need to check the list of influence mods to look for a particular desired mod, I recommend you to use these orbs only in the end game since it’s an expensive item, currently 1 Crusader’s exalted orb = 110 chaos orbs.

Redeemer’s exalted orb

We are going to use this item to add influenced redeemer mods to a gear piece, I recommend you save them for end game crafting or trade them for goods, 1 Redeemer’s exalted orb = 112 chaos orbs .

Warlord’s exalted orb

With this item, we are going to add influenced warlord mods to a piece of equipment, so we will use it in the endgame to improve our equipment, so do not spend them lightly, 1 Warlord’s exalted orb = 115 chaos orbs.

Hunter’s exalted orb

Add Hunter influenced mods to a piece of gear. With this, we already have an item that will help us for a more specific class of characters, so I recommend that you do not spend it on any item until you reach endgame, currently 1 Hunter’s exalted orb = 170 chaos orbs.

Awakener’s orb

Destroy an item and apply its influence on another of the same class, with which we will have the possibility to add influenced mods and get regular mods on an item, currently 1 Awakener’s orb = 165 chaos orbs.

Tailoring orb

This is also a powerful item found in Heists, with it we are going to add an enchantment to a piece of body armor, and with this, we add powerful modifiers, however, you can get bad mods instead so, plan carefully, you can get it very rarely from enemies on certain atlas maps or trading with other players, currently 1 Tailoring orb = 220 chaos orbs.

Maven’s orb

You are going to use this powerful orb in the endgame, what it does is turn an influenced mod into a much better one, removing the other mods, it is important because these influenced mods can even be improved even if they are the highest tiers, you can obtain it from The maven( a powerful endgame boss) or trade it with other players, currently 1 Maven orb = 400 chaos orbs.

Tempering orb

These orbs are very valuable, with them we are going to add or remove an enchantment from a weapon, they can be obtained from any enemy very rarely and in Heists, but they are more easily obtained in grand heists, currently 1 Tempering orb = 500 chaos orbs.

Mirror of kalandra

This item has, the rarest path of exile currency, starting from level 35 you have a chance to obtain one from enemy drops, but at this point, chances are like 0.0000000003%, but don’t worry, farming builds are specialized on raising these chances. Mirrors are used to make an equal copy of a rare item, and you can obtain one too by exchanging 9x House of Mirrors divination card, getting one dropped by enemies is considered great luck, currently 1 Mirror of kalandra = 180 or more exalted orbs.

Eternal Orb

Another very rare path of exile currency, this orb serves as a backup file for an item to proceed to make modifications so that if for some reason you made an error that is impossible to fix, you can use this item to return to the backup, however, I put this item at the end because, since the awakening update, these items are no longer obtained in any way, so the players are the only holders of these items and if you want to buy one of this, you have to think which item do you really want to use it on since one day they are going to run out and probably won’t come back, today it will probably cost you about 1 Eternal orb = 50 exalted orbs.


There you have it, now that you have learned about these items, use them wisely, since some will help you to make your progress easier during the game, the currency in path of exile is sometimes difficult to obtain, but sometimes luck happens and beginners found something really valuable, they tend to spend this currency fast before they know that they can trade it for goods or they have to save this currency for endgame purposes, that’s why I advise you to keep most of your currency, to get better equipment for your build.

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