most popular mmorpgs for android on 2022

Best android MMORPG to play with friends in 2023

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Mmorpg games have had enormous growth in recent years, and, some time ago it was difficult to think we will be playing games online, however now there are a large number of games available at the playstore, in this list, I will show you the best MMORPG for android to play with friends this year, and get hooked as you play on your spare time.

Although essentially I am not a big fan of cell phone games, mainly due to their abusive way in which they limit you to swipe your card in their virtual stores, there are very worthwhile games, that let you play a lot of content for free, and you can even acquire premium items if you play constantly.

1. Hit 2

hit 2 es uno de los mmorpg mas populares para android en 2022

An excellent mmorpg developed in Unreal Engine 4 with good graphics, you start by choosing your character’s appearance, you can choose between different customization options, and between 6 different classes, each one obviously with different skills.

Something great about this game is the stylized and hard-worked models of the female characters, not only do they look very cool and have nice magic moves, but you can also buy outfits in the store to have a sexier anime-looking style, or cool plate armors with great weapons.

The motto of the game is «Become king, rule the world» and under this premise, the leading character of the winning guild of the online pvp mode, can establish rules that can affect other players, these interesting game mechanics enforce pvp, and of course, this pvp system encourages the use of consumables from the online store, this guild wars are great and fun and even when they are conquered by the biggest buyers, its recommended to play at least once.

juegos de estrategia para android en 2022

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2. Seven knight revolution

sin duda alguna seven knight revolution es un mmorpg con excelentes mecanicas para android

This game was released in Korea in July 2022, prior to the release of the game, an anime was released with the name of seven knight, which introduces us to the lore, in the game our characters can be transformed into anime characters so we can see them in action, we can have 3 active characters in battle all the time, there are no classes here, but each weapon has its own skill tree that we can develop further.

Seven knight revolution is one of the best android mmorpg with a gacha store, in which we can get both characters and accessories, we can get currency for the gacha by doing daily missions, so if you plan to spend time on this game, you probably won’t spend your money, the battle system is automatic, with very striking skills, and cool light effects, so despite having a gacha system, I highly recommend it.

3. Traha Global

un excelente mmorpg para android centrado en el pvp, pero con excelente pve y lore

Traha global is one of the best android mmorpg more focused on pvp that has some stunning graphics, at the beginning we are given the freedom to choose between two factions that are at war in what is the lore of the game, in addition to this we can also customize the physical characteristics of our character.

We have the opportunity to experiment with the 7 classes that the game has just by equipping ourselves with the necessary equipment to activate the weapon skill tree, of course, we will have to get some experience in that particular class to unlock the skills, Traha global is a game where the war between factions will lead to large-scale battles for the various territories of the game.

The graphics are really good for a mobile game, so it is highly recommended that your mobile is at least mid-range, the game has free registration and monetizes through a virtual store where you can buy cosmetic items among other things, as are the mounts.

4. Argent twilight

este es sin duda alguna uno de los mmorpgs mas interesantes por su estilo de juego por turnos

A fairly stylized game, with very striking and colorful graphics, it is a turn-based strategy mmorpg, the combat style is very reminiscent of the Trails of the sky saga, in which we position our characters on a board and we have to plan strategies every turn to survive the enemy attack, the best android mmorpg with an strategy grid system.

Although the game is quite good graphically, the gacha system it uses to monetize is tough, with rates as low as 0.5 to get 5-star heroes, at the moment there is no pity system, which we could aspire to a 5-star hero after having spent several attempts.

5. Mu origins

Mu origins es uno de esos juegos clasicos que seguimos jugando por su excelente jugabilidad

A true classic mmorpg, released for the pc where it achieved its great popularity, however nowadays mobile phones can be powerful devices, so we can play this game with the same graphics as the pc version, choose between the 3 available classes, dark knight, dark wizard or elf.

An open world game with action rpg elements, in which of course we are going to level up in combat, we will also have to collect materials and the game currency, in addition we can buy cosmetics from the store to customize our character, but don’t worry, If you do it right and play enough you won’t need to pay to get some cosmetics, it’s a game that I recommend because it’s a classic with many hours of content to play.

6. Tower of fantasy

uno de los mas actuales en la lista, con un tremendo parecido a genshin impact pero mas enfocado en el escenario futurista

An excellent game very similar to Genshin Impact, one of the best android mmorpg out there, although for me the gacha system in Genshin Impact is better, the truth is that, this game is not bad at all, the futuristic set is pretty much as final fantasy games from last generation, also the characters feel pretty good, each one with unique personalities and skills.

This is a game that despite being brand new, has a lot of content to do, highly recommended as this is one of those games that give a lot of free content and in which you can get items from the gacha store if you spare some time to play and do daily missions.

7. Lost Sanctuary: Eternal origin

un excelente mmorpg con clases diferentes a las que estamos acostumbrados y un toque algo futurista

An excellent action mmorpg game with aesthetics and elements of Chinese culture, you can choose between seven classes, developers have worked hard to make these classes feel different from the basic warrior or classic mage, the classes each feel very original and have different gameplay and skills.

In lost sanctuary, in addition to advancing in the story missions and secondary missions, you can access and advance in the vip ranks, these ranks have challenges that you must complete in order to obtain some cool rewards, such as weapons or armor , consumables and cosmetic equipment.

8. Immortal awakening

un mmorpg de vista isometrica que esta completamente influenciado por Diablo, the best android mmorpg with diablo 2 influence.

Immortal awakening is an action rpg game that is completely inspired by Diablo, a game with an isometric view and very good graphics for a mobile game, you can choose one of the four available classes, Barbarian, Demon Hunter, Mage and Necromancer.

This is a game with a progression system similar to Diablo, in which during your journey, as you defeat enemies you receive rewards that will be higher, depending on the difficulty level, these rewards are equipment and consumables, the game also offers a pet system, during the game you can capture, upgrade your pets, which will fight by your side and give you buffs to make you more powerful.

9. Noah’s Heart

un muy buen juego que a pesar de no ser perfecto mantiene un buen balance entre buen gameplay y estrategias de monetizacion poco agresivas

Apparently, Genshin Impact has a very strong influence on mmorpgs nowadays, and of course, it is not surprising since it is an MMORPG that has generated so many profits, Noah’s heart is a good game, its mechanics do not add anything new to the genre, its graphics are great and colorful, and it’s a nice story, but, as well as many others fall into oblivion, however, it has good game mechanics.

The Genshin impact-style battles are full of action, in them, you will have the opportunity to summon ghosts, which are the characters you get in the gacha system, each ghost has different numbers of stars, with 5-star ghosts being the most powerful.

The game has numerous pvp modes in which you can interact and compete against other players, but of course, it is completely made to spend your money if you really want to win pvp battles, so I do not recommend it, the game has a housing system for every player, we can customize and decorate our house with store items, they are mostly nice and are a great addition to the game.

10. Cyber Fantasy

cyber fantasy es sin duda un excelente mmorpg con una tematica futurista, one of the best android mmorpg.

A game with a somewhat strange story, in which the world is destroyed by alien forces that arrive with very advanced technology, it is a third-person action mmorpg game in which you can choose between three different classes, arbiter, shadower and manipulator.

The coolest feature in Cyber ​​fantasy is the futuristic and robotic character desings with huge and colorful weapons, although the battle is satisfactory in general, sometimes it becomes repetitive to spam our main ability against our enemies.


This list of the most popular mmorpg games for android aims to show you the most recent games that you can find available in the playstore, they are recent games, with good graphics and good playability, and although they are not perfect, most of them are free and have monetization methods at some point in their development.

Without a doubt, mobile mmorpgs are evolving positively, aggressive monetization tactics are decreasing, games offer more and more quality and hours of play before proceeding to take you down a corridor full of closed doors that you can only open with your credit card.

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