builds de hechicera de lost ark una de las mejores clases dps, sorceress buid pve high dps

Lost ark sorceress pve build high dps for lost ark

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The sorceress is a class in lost ark with great skills, capable of doing high damage, her skills are mostly area of effect with a massive amount of damage to dispatch large hordes of enemies, its a class used a lot by youtubers to amaze their audience with good looking skills, owning bosses in seconds and maps quite quickly, this is a short guide to show you how to create your own sorceress pve build with high dps to own lost ark.

The lost ark sorceress builds can be ignition or reflux, each one is different, although both can generate a lot of damage with tripods and the right equipment, the most powerful and complex in my opinion are the ignition builds, as they are capable of generating damage in different ways, not only direct damage but damage over time and also critical damage.

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Pros and cons of lost ark sorceress builds


  • It’s an extremely high DPS class that doesn’t need expensive gear to hit very high damage numbers.
  • There are many variants of the build, so it is considered one of the classes with the most customization possibilities.
  • The attack speed can be very high at levels and with the right equipment, so it is a leveling up fast class with a very high damage.


  • Being a sorceress build it is obvious that the life points are low and that will make you the most vulnerable character against attacks from powerful enemies.
  • The defense is another weak point of this class, not only is it low, but the armor does not offer a very high value either, so we must optimize according to what is necessary.
  • Mobility is not like other classes, so sometimes you will die while casting a spell if you are not careful enough.
  • It is not a highly recommended class for beginners due to the planning and the price of the equipment reaching the endgame.

identity skills

Sorceress identity skills can be used once the identity ability bar is filled, it fills up as we fight, once it is full we can use the abilities one of them is teleportation , with this ability we can teleport to where our mouse pointer is, the other ability is magic discharge with this skills we can get reduced casting time and much more spell damage.

Lost Ark Sorceress Build Types

Sorceress builds in lost ark will be different depending on the engravings you use, these are so far the most popular for pve builds, gameplay has a wide variety of spells to use, however, with both of these you can get a ery complete sorceress, with very good skills that look great and they are capable of doing a lot of damage.

Ignition build: This build is to cast spells of a very high destructive power, the casting times are high, so you will have to move a lot to prepare your attacks, however, an attack can sometimes be enough to defeat a boss, so it is one of the most recommended builds.

Reflux build: A fairly balanced build, although the attacks lose a large part of their power, it have a reduced casting time needed, so you can perform skills faster, but damage output is lower compared with ignition, this build is mostly used to defeat large hordes of enemies, with a lower risk of getting killed while casting your spells.

Sorceress build PvE max DPS

buil hechicera con max dps casteo instantaneo, sorceress pve build high dps skills

An excellent build with instant cast and an excellent ability to do very high amounts of damage, highly recommended against hordes of enemies, but also for end game content bosses, the engravings it uses are: Reflux, precision dagger, hit master, adrenaline, grudge and cursed doll, its not an a so expensive build at the beginning, but once you reach endgame, the need to do some massive damage to insta kill bosses will require harder to get or expensive equipment, but of course, when it comes to equipment, you can always make this build a highly superior build if you invest a lot or you play a lot to earn the gear.

Set of cards in the lost ark sorceress builds

The card sets for any sorceress build are practically the same, no matter the build, future game updates will probably change this, however, these card sets are intended to reduce the damage inflicted by enemies, something quite good, but nevertheless they could add some better ones that increase the damage even more, some even help us to improve both physical and elemental defense.


Lost Ark Sorceress builds are pretty good at dealing massive damage to large hordes of enemies, however, they are completely vulnerable due to their low defense and hit points, so you’ll have to watch out for enemy attacks every time you go. only to some dungeon, however, it is one of the best classes, with gorgeous, sparkling and glowing magic skills and some complexity that adds more depth to the game, not so beginner friendly, but a great class to do massive damage output.

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