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Crafting guide for path of exile for beginners

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Path of exile is a game of speed if what you want is to meet all the objectives of the league and earn the rewards, it is clear that if you want to clear all objectives with the challenge of playing hardcore, then you will need the best equipment you can get for your character immediately, with this crafting guide for path of exile for beginners you will be able to have the best equipment in no time.

If you still do not have path of exile, download it from its official website here.

In the game, in addition to the crafting system that will help us increase the capabilities and power of our gear, there is a vendor recipe system, this is a group of recipes, that when sold, will give us a specific item, widely used to farm chaos or exalted orbs, if you want to know more about vendor recipes click here.

This path of exile crafting guide is made for new and not-so-new players who want to know a little more, in addition, to having good gear to advance faster and to safely achieve the objectives of the current league. A lot of currency from this game will be difficult for you to identify at first, if you want a more detailed guide to the most important path of exile currency check out this currency guide.

Items needed for this crafting guide for path of exile.

Blacksmith’s whetstoneImproves the quality of a weapon by raising its min and max attack
Armorer’s scrapImproves the quality of an armor by improving its defense
Orb of chanceTransforms a normal item to one of random rarity
Orb of alchemyTransforms a normal item into a rare item
Chromatic orbChange the colors of the item sockets.
Orb of transmutationTransforms a normal item into a magical one.
Orb of alterationChange the mods (reroll) of a magic item for new ones
Orb of fusingForge a link between an item’s sockets
Jeweller’s orbChange the number of sockets to an item.
Items needed for this path of exile crafting guide, remember this is for beginners, from level 1 to 40.

We are going to find all these items on our way by annihilating the enemies that appear on the maps, some of them appear at level 2 or later in the game, but of course, the more we go up in levels and certain item mods, the more likely they will appear in greater numbers, you can also get them by selling items that you find and sell to npc.

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Path of exile currency values 2023: Take a look at this guide to learn more about the currency used in game, it will save you lots of wasted currency and will help you optimize your build.

How to start crafting.

The first thing you will need is an item, it can be any kind, taking into account that when starting a game with a level 1 character it is a bit slow to get good gear, start clearing maps to get items, try to keep those normal items with a good quality, which are generally those that say superior and that you will find from time to time.

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Weapons with the superior prefix have their quality increased as well as their min and max damage.

Level 1 – 10 Crafting Guide

These items with the «superior» prefix are items that have increased quality from 1% onwards, so the same sword can have 2-5 dmg, but if it has a higher quality it will increase the min and max damage, we could increase the quality of any weapon with Blacksmith’s whetstones, but it is much better for us to find them already with the superior prefix and not spend so many whetstones that we might need later.

If you have whetstones and want to improve the quality of weapons you can do it, the maximum quality is 20%, but I recommend that even if you have enough whetstones, you only use a maximum of 5 per weapon and choose the weapon you want to improve very carefully as in the first levels you will change weapons often.

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Save your whetstones for quality items, not all of them are good options.

At first, the easiest orbs to obtain will be the orbs of transmutation, which will change our normal item to a magical one, use it to add 1 or 2 mods, if you’re lucky, you can get strong mods for your build, however, most of the time you will get very random mods, so we can use an orb of alteration to change those mods for completely different ones (reroll) which is recommended if your item already has a good quality and you don’t want to throw it away.

We can do the same with armor pieces, however, I don’t recommend using armorer’s scraps at all, as it would be expensive and not worth spending on any level 1 – 10 equipment, I would probably only recommend you to spend these on your body armor and most of the time does not worth it, remember that a large part of these crafting items can be sold in the market to other players, the currency trade in path of exile is highly profitable on the first days of brand new leagues.

Crafting guide for levels 10 – 30.

For this levels, you should already have more orbs, whetstones and scraps in your stash, plus you probably already have rare (yellow) items as part of your gear, if not, we will do the following strategy.

Prepare your whetstones and scraps and upgrade only those items that interest you and above all that already have the superior in their name, use an orb of chance or an orb of alchemy on them, although using an orb of alchemy can lead to better results since this orb will always transform your white item into a rare item, while the orb of chance can change your white item for a magical one by 80%, rare by 19% or unique by approximately 1%, so you have the chance of getting unique items, but most of the time, it will be a magical item.

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An orb of Alchemy will help you a lot to get rares or uniques, but its a rare find at the early levels.

Now, use a jeweler’s orb so that you get the maximum sockets for your item, since they normally don’t come out with the maximum sockets available, next, change the color of the sockets for your desired colors with a chromatic orb to put the skill gems, if sockets are not linked, you can link sockets with an orb of fusing.

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You can get the maximum sockets for an item with the jeweler’s orb and then change their color with the chromatic orb.

The best advice in this path of exile crafting guide is to keep playing, level up and get all the necessary items to continue crafting.

Well there you have it, this is a game of trial and error, so be consistent, don’t give up, keep defeating enemies to get what you need to improve your equipment, following these steps you can even reach level 50 or more with upgraded gear like this, then you can farm currency to get endgame gear or keep crafting further for the perfect equipment set.

Normally in the first character levels, you will change equipment so often that, the crafting system can be missable, and in the end game you can do advanced crafting by adding influenced mods to your already crafted, mods that are more suitable to your build, advanced crafting is expensive, but it’s the only way to create the perfect equipment for your build.

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Best class and ascendancy in path of exile: Not always the best class in is the best suited to your gameplay, this short guide will show you what’s the best class for beginners.

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