Best offline strategy games for android on 2023

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Hardcore gamers who play on console or pc often ignore cellphone games, however, android and iOS games are growing in popularity as companies are developing high-quality games, cell phones have evolved into helpful tools for people, and we can use them to entertain ourselves too, that is why in this list is to show you offline strategy games for android you can play on your way home or office.

1. Bad North JE

Bad north es un juego de estrategia para android muy minimalista

A tower defense style game with some roguelike features, a great strategy game for android that you can even find on steam, defend your island from biking attaks, take advantage of each area of ​​your territory to cause enemy casualties, and help your townspeople to move through the different islands that you are going to go through while surviving the attack of your adversary, it is a quite fun game, although it is not free, there is a free version that you can try so that you can try though, a great game that will test your brain.

2. Robotek

robotek un juego para android muy divertido

Robotek is a strategy game with something of an rpg style, in which we are going to face hundreds of robot enemies while we add new units to our team, which we can improve, and add hundreds of different weapons to them to face everything that comes our way, a game that, is quite good in the visual section, so don’t waste time and download it now, I’m sure you will enjoy their colorful graphics and great strategy.

3. Xenowerk tactics

xenowerk tactics es un juegazo de android con muy buen gameplay

A very interesting game in which you enter the facilities of the strange xenowerk company in the arctic where a disaster has happened and you must save the day to cover up the company, in this game we are a commander who is in charge of sending operatives within the company facilities, where we will find different types of enemies to eliminate, in addition to this we will be able to manage the equipment and the mutations of our operatives, a pretty good game, with amazing graphics for android.

4.Trojan wars

uno de los juegos para android de tacticas en 2d mas emocionantes

A battle and tower defense game that reminds me the movie 300, in this game we have to protect our territory from our invaders, while managing our resources, making improvements and unlocking new units that will help us improve for the next battle, Trojan wars has nice graphics and its intense gameplay is addictive,it’s a game that does not need a high-end cell phone, so I fully recommend it.

5. Viking village

un juego de estrategia para celular con vista isometrica muy buena

A quite fun strategy game in which we have to protect our town from the different threats that arise, we can manage everything related to our village to grow more and get more functionality, in addition, we can improve our villagers and soldiers, control animals, fight against pirates to win rewards, a very fun game with pretty nice graphics that I recommend as you will enjoy it for hours.

6. WW2

de los juegos de estrategia para android, es uno de los mas recomendables

One of the best strategy war games for android, set in world war 2, this game is going to make us think carefully and use our troops smart to avoid being defeated, this game reminds me a lot to the game boy advance classic advance wars, so I’ve had a great time playing many of its missions, recommended if you like the WWII setting, and the management of every unit you have to defeat your enemies.

7. Defense legend x

defense legend x es un juego de android con muy buenas criticas, y un gameplay bastante emocionante

Defense legend x is one of the best strategy war games for android that is probably influenced by the great classic starcraft, a resource and unit management game, where you need to play smart, get resources to create troops and enhance your buildings to get new units that will help you defeat your enemies, the graphic section of this game is quite great, it is one of the games that I recommend the most if you like strategy games as Starcratf and Age of empires.

8. Noblemen 1986

un juego de estrategia y disparos con muy buenos graficos para android

An excellent game that combines the third-person shooter genre with military strategy for android, we are going to fight and move around the battlefield with our character, running, shooting, and giving orders to our troops, it is a pretty good game that has great graphics, to play you will probably need a high end cell phone, however, it is a highly recommended game, one of the best strategy shooter games that you can find in the play store.

9. Kingdom rush

un excelente juego de estrategia para android clasico, con una jugabilidad excelente

One of the most legendary offline strategy games for android, a classic that was originally released for browsers and that we can now enjoy on our mobiles, this is quite an entertaining tower defense game in which you have at your disposal a lot of units, weapons, spells, and buildings that will help you fight against your enemies to defeat them, recommended if you like this type of genre and want to play the best game of the genre.

10. Battle seven kingdoms

battle seven kingdoms es un juego de estrategia excelente

Very similar to trojan wars, however, this game stands out for the great variety of units, improvements, weapons, and artifacts that you can buy or win throughout the game to face your enemies, in addition to the 2d design of the characters It is quite beautiful, one of the best android strategy war games, a game that will hook you because getting the best units and improve at each level to crush your enemies is very addictive.

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There’s a large list when speaking of offline strategy games for android, and many of them have very aggressive monetization systems, so beware, and avoid spending on things that really won’t help you or that you will regret buying, however, there are many that are very good games, mobile phones are a platform that is constantly evolving and many companies are giving a clear example on how mobile games can achieve great things, having great gameplay and mechanics while monetizing with a not so aggressive method.

I hope you liked this short list of strategy games for android, I’ll be writing more articles like this and making videos for my YouTube channel.

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