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Best marauder builds in path of exile 2023

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The marauder is the typical muscular and primitive warrior who disposes of his enemies with axes or huge swords and brute force, however, the skill tree and the use of totems give this class a different gameplay, with a lot more strategy , one of the best marauder builds in path of exile, is the ancestral warchief, a build of the chieftain ascendancy that uses totems to attract the attention of enemies and attack at the same time.

Choosing a class should depend on your playstyle and taste, but when you enter a league, it’s all about performance, speed, DPS and boss-killing efficiency, so choosing a Marauder is a very good option for beginners. Not only it’s class capable of take a beating without you hardly noticing, but also because its builds are capable of tanking and eliminating bosses without even having a high-budget team.

Marauder class stats

The Marauder is one of the pure classes of path of exile, strength being its main attribute, it is a character with great attack strength but it is also capable of setting up a good defense against bosses, its statistics are as follows:

  • Strength: 32
  • Dexterity: 14
  • Intelligences: 14
  • life: 66
  • mana: 47

Marauder class ascendancies

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One of this class best feature its ability to do a lot of damage while having a great defense.

Juggernaut : Specializes in defense, increased life and mitigating damage received, so this character is capable of tanking practically anything if they wanted to, it’s a very good option to start leagues since it doesn’t require a high budget gear to stand out, however it stands out more in clearing maps than 1 to 1 damage, so it is not very good when it comes to boss farming.

Chieftain: It is one of the best Marauder ascendancy, despite the fact that many of its passive skills are damage conversion nodes, and power ups for totems which will help us to distract the attention of our enemies, to avoid damage and attack with our fire skills, a very fun build capable of doing both, cleaning hordes of enemies quickly, and bosses.

Berserker: This ascedancy is very powerful, it will do tons of damage even with little equipment and yes, this build is very eliminating bosses and clearing areas, however, the budget required to eliminate bosses effectively can be high so if you I like this style of brute force classes and fast attacks I recommend it but keep in mind that you have to grind to obtain that necessary currency for nice equipment.

Best marauder builds in path of exile for Crucible

The builds that I will show to you below are great, starters, not so expensive, to start a league and are also very fun to play, perhaps some of them do require endgame equipment that can be expensive, but if you follow a guide. you wil be able to farm currency faster and buy those expensive pieces of equipment.

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Marauder builds are the most brutal, one shooting almost everything on sight, even bosses, equipment is e

The warchief (chieftain): One of the best marauder builds in path of exile, one of the best starter builds of the game also, make ashes from your enemies with brutal fire attacks while your totems distract and attacks the enemy horde while giving attack buffs, this is a build that does not depend so much on equipment so is great to start leagues, but for late endgame bosses you will need a budget.

Pure Herald of Angony (Juggernaut): An arc build based on the herald of agony skill, quite good to start and safe for hardcore mode, however you may find it difficult to level up fast in some places at the beginning of your journey, this build can be powerful enough to clear endgame high tier maps and uber bosses, so I recommend this build, you may spend up to 5 divine orbs for endgame purposes.

Wild strike replica last resort (Juggernaut): A super interesting and fun build that is based on the use of the replica last resort claw that gives us a lot of damage and speed if we stay low on life, this of course is achieved safely with some skills, of course it is a build that requires this unique item and some other rare equipment options, don’t worry as this gear is not too expensive, being last resort replica 1 chaos currently, you can farm this easily in the act maps.

Instant Rage wild strike (Berserker): A build that uses all of the wild strike elements, it is fast, accurate and effective, you will be clearing hordes of enemies and some bosses really fast, it requires some expensive items, however, it is a fun and quite original build, the only problem is that it is not possible to clear maps with the elemental reflect mod active and that leap slam can kill us if we go to a map with physical reflect, however it is a very nice build as league starter and to clear maps.

Fire lacerate oni goroshi (Chieftain): A brutal build with the ability to tear hordes of enemies and bosses to pieces quickly with the oni goroshi sword, when using this sword it gives you a buff called Her embrace, which practically multiplies our damage but will hurt us of fire depending on the level then, it could also kill us, but doing this well, we can manage to kill bosses in seconds, it is quite good as a league starter build, however I recommend that you choose this build only if you know how to farm currency to buy the necessary items because It’s on a relatively high budget.


The marauder class has very good build options, their ascendancies are brutal and can do a lot of damage without losing much of their defense, many of these builds can take you to the endgame without even having to buy high budget items so, Marauder builds are builds that you can safely use from the beginning of any league without the fear of changing your mind or getting frustrated at skills tree points wasted making the game difficult, so I assure you that you try a good build that fits your game mode. , see you in path of exile.

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